A wrapup of the show follows!

Made possible by generous donations from just some of the following:

DeLorean Motor Company The DeLorean Owners Association The DeLorean Motor Center P.J. Grady, NY Drinkholders.com DeLorean Stainless Steel Products BTTF.com Eaton Canyon Mercantile

We had close to 100 people attend all or part of the multi-day event plus our car show was open to the public on Saturday. We had driving tours, dinners, exhibits, lots of dealers, tech sessions, raffles and car judging. One of the things that made this show special was a coming together of all 3 production gullwing cars made: the DeLorean, Bricklin and the Mercedes 300sl gullwing. Our cars are unique and by banding together we were able to have event that was beyond the scale of any single marquee and it provided a unique opportunity for the owners to get to know each other and their cars. Plus inside the Blackhawk museum we were able arrange a display of the 3 post-WWII car manufacturers: DeLorean, Bricklin, and the 48 Tucker. These will continue to be on display to the public at the museum for the next 3 months. Below you will find photos of the event in chronological order. I will be filling in the descriptions of each picture over the next few days. If any of you can help me put names to faces I would really appreciate it! You can click on any of the below images to see a larger version.

September 19, 2001:

Show Schedule:

Thursday – Sept. 20
Reception at the Marriott: 6:30PM to 10:00PM in the Danville room.
Hors D’oeuvres, Cash bar available from 6:30PM to 9:00PM

Friday – Sept. 21

Driving tour to Wente Vineyards
Caravan from the Marriott at 10:00AM.
Wine tasting and tour at 11:00AM
Lunch at the Visitor’s Center at 12:30PM.

Blackhawk tour and Banquet
Caravan from the Marriott to the Blackhawk at 4:00PM.
Tour of the museum at 5:00PM until 10PM.
Dinner at 6:30PM.

Saturday – Sept. 22

Car Show and Dealers Room from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.
Technical Seminars in the hotel meeting rooms.
Awards Banquet at 7:00PM in the Contra Costa Ballroom.

Sunday – Sept. 23

Driving tour to the U.S.S. Hornet
Caravan leaves the hotel at 10:00AM
Tour of the ship at 11:00AM

Photo Credit Note: All photos are copyright 2001 by the Northern California DeLorean Motor Club. Reproduction or re-posting is not allowed without permission. All picture who's names begin with 'jw' were photographed by John Worsley, 'jm'- Judy Montgomery, 'km'- Ken Montgomery, and 'lt'-Lee Thompson.
Arrivals started coming in on Thursday Afternoon.
The first Mercedes 300sl to arrive
My car and the Mercedes 300sl
Getting ready to roll out on the driving tour to the Wente Vineyards. Sandy Bigman gives out last minute instructions to the drivers because, as usual some of the roads we would be driving were under construction and had changed in just the last few days.
Bright red!
This and the previous picture were taken at the production facility of the winery, where the group took a tour.
We were able to park a small group of the caravan in the circle in front of the visitors center. Note that the flag was still at half staff over the September 11 attack.
Event coordinators Ken Montgomery and Sandy Bigman.
Our lunch at Wente Vineyards
A few of the cars in the circle at the Blackhawk Auto Museum.
We were able to place a representative sample of all the cars in the circle. All the other cars were placed in the big adjacent parking lot.
One each of the only gullwing cars in production. Bricklin in the 70's, DeLorean in the 80's, and Mercedes in the 50's.
Inside the museum
Along with the 48 Tucker
And all three cars together.
Our dinner at the Blackhawk Auto Museum concluded with speakers from all three marquees.
Sandy started off the raffle with a die-cast Mercedes 300sl
And the winner is..
Ken Montgomery addressing the attendees.
Lee Seiler, maker of the Limited Edition DeLorean model kits, give the group some background on how the kit came about and its current status. The kit shown here was especially made just for this show.
Sandy drawing the winning ticket.
Lee awarding the kit.
James Espey of the DeLorean Motor Company addressing the group.
Sandy and his wife Cheryl speaking with John and Joan Truscott.
Photos from the Saturday car show.
Rob Grady doing a bit of door adjusting on Christian Williams car.
Jeff and Joan Angwin plus James Cooper and Jeanne Parson.
A few photos of the dealers room.
We had a more casual dinner at the hotel on Saturday night.
Ken Koncelik informing the group about his show next year at Graceland.
Ken with a few announcements and thank you's and then on to announce the winners of the DeLorean car judging.
And in 3rd place: Gary Valenziano.
2nd place: Dave Guara.
1st place: Dorothy Gates!
A view from the front of the room.
Judy Montgomery handing out the raffle prizes.
Sunday morning: A small part of our caravan to the U.S.S. Hornet.
On the pier with the U.S.S. Hornet.
Reviewing the troops.
From high up on the deck of the Hornet, the cars almost appear to be toys. A local mustang group was also visiting and some of their cars could be seen here.

The view of San Francisco and the Bay from the fantail of the Hornet.

So that's about it! I want to thank everyone who attended for helping to make this such a great event!