Past Club Meets

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1999 Club meets

October 24, Winchester Mystery House.

While we didn't get the turnout that was hoped for, everyone who was able to attend the gathering said that they had a great time and they were amazed by Winchester House. Our cars were placed in a blocked off section of the lot right outside of the entrance. We had a catered lunch inside the Winchester House after the tour.

wmh-1.jpg (60408 bytes)

September 12, Blackhawk Auto Museum.

For breakfast, we met at 'Katy's Korner', (2550 San Ramon Blvd). By the time most everyone got there the late breakfast had turned into an early lunch.

We only had a total of 6 cars today but several other owners sans cars were able to attend/find the gathering.

Hank and Mimi Breer from Southern California (and board members of the DOA) were able to attend the gathering, just as they did last year when we went to the Blackhawk. When they pulled in to the restaurant they were in a bit of a fix.

Blkhk01.jpg (111076 bytes) Their trunk latch had broken. And since their hood does not have the gas flap, it was going to make it a little difficult to get all the way home to So. Cal. on a nearly empty tank of gas. I borrowed some tools from Rex Little and set about fishing out enough of the broken cable to pull while Hank pressed down on the hood to take some of the tension off the latch. That worked and we were were able to open the hood. Here you can see the cable has been temporarily routed near the gas filler.

From the restaurant we caravaned (or at least tried to with all the stop lights) to the Blackhawk Auto Museum. We weren't be able to get our cars in the big circle in front of the museum right when we got there because we were beat out by, of all things, a GTO club; however, they left early enough for 4 of us to put our cars up in the circle.

Blkhk02.jpg (121662 bytes) This is the lower lot, with the Blackhawk visible in the background.
Blkhk03.jpg (114395 bytes) Now here's an amazing site. DJ LaForge's car had until recently been painted black. He decided to try something different and painted it silver. It actually looks very good up close.
Blkhk04.jpg (53966 bytes) When we got to the museum, Mr. D's 'other' cars were already up in the circle.
Blkhk05.jpg (199022 bytes) >Views from the roof of the Blackhawk. Perhaps next time we'll be able to fill the circle!
Blkhk07.jpg (118731 bytes)


August 15th at the U.S.S. Hornet in Alameda.

Because of the short notice, only 6 cars and 7 owners were able to make the gathering to the U.S.S. Hornet in Alameda. However, many of these were new 'members' to our club. After a good breakfast at the Velvet Grill, we caravaned to the shipyards and parked our cars below the massive flight deck of the U.S.S. Hornet. We also sat down and worked out the dates and tentative locations of the next 2 meetings for this year. The Hornet was an awesome sight and when they open more of the ship for display I expect we'll make our way there again. If you're ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to get in a tour of the Hornet!

Hornet254.jpg (124634 bytes) These two pictures were taken at our meeting place for breakfast.
Hornet255.jpg (108361 bytes) We were not able to line all the cars up at breakfast.
Hornet256.jpg (116556 bytes) A drivers view of the caravan.
Hornet257.jpg (101218 bytes) Ahh, an ideal world. Driving your DeLorean with your 'D' buddies. Note there's even one in the rear-view mirror.
Hornet258.jpg (130780 bytes) Here we are lined up next to the Hornet. It's the next best thing to having the cars up on the flight deck. The museum people were willing to hoist our cars up for only a $300 per hour crane fee. I personally wouldn't want my car flying through the air on a couple of straps. No thank you!
Hornet260.jpg (114114 bytes) We had to move the cars.. Fire codes, we were told. After all, it's not like DeLoreans ever catch fire or anything..
Hornet261.jpg (105802 bytes) Several other working ships are tied up in this same area. We drew a lot of tourists and by the end of the day our cars were covered in fingerprints.
Hornet266.jpg (120918 bytes) Hey you down there! Get away from my car!
Hornet268.jpg (122825 bytes)  

James Cooper tried his hand at landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.. He crashed.. But the simulator had gullwing doors!

June 13th in Concord at the El Torito restaurant.

7 cars plus two more owners and friends gathered at the El Torito for brunch and to swap stories. The El Torito was ready for us and many of the restaurant workers came out to look at our cars. They threw quite a brunch and nobody went away hungry. Along with discussing activities for the club, the big subject is where to get the cars serviced. The closest 'D' shop is DeLorean One in S. Cal., over 400 miles away. There are a few local shops that people have had good luck with when it come to engine work, but for DeLorean specific repairs, we've been on our own or we've sent our cars south for repairs.

Here's Sandy Bigman with Don Gowler, President of DeLorean Midwest Connection. Don was out here on business and was able to attend our gathering.
Lively conversations taking place over brunch.
Sandy is showing James and Konstantin how DeLorean One installed shields on some of the cooling hoses.
Here's a couple of great shots looking through 6 of the cars.
Please excuse my seat cover.
The bright sun was at a perfect angle to really show off the stainless!
Here's 6 of the owners with their cars: Rex Little, James Cooper, Sandy Bigman, Konstantin Kraz, Ed Reed and Ken Montgomery. Lee Seiler had to leave before most of these photos was taken.

We also picked up a new member Gary Valenziano. He just bought his car and it was being serviced at DeLorean One. He has his car back now and is looking forward to more club gatherings.

The 1999 Annual All British Motorcar
Show & Swap Meet - May 16, 1999

Presented by The United British Sports Car Club, Sacramento

Dixon Fairgrounds - Dixon, CA

by Dave Price:

Ken Montgomery, Lee Seiler and I had the three D's at the show. It was loads of fun to shoot the breeze with Ken, Lee and their wives.. I managed to take my D from Eugene, OR all the way to Dixon, CA (about 1100 miles round trip) without any problems... Not only was it the first show I have taken my D to, but it was the farthest I've taken it out of town! Very scary at first, but it ran like a champ... And when I got home after driving all day there was no signs of cramping or fatigue normally associated with long drives in "modern" cars.. Anyhoo, Ken's car has to be the best looking D I've seen in person and Lee's car had some great add-ons (hand-tailored dash cover, 5-point seatbelt on the driver's side and a really cool preheater hose sleeve!). It was a blast! I can't wait to get together with some owners from this area at some shows this summer (hint hint Oregon owners!!!). Ken, of course, got 1st in class and I edged out Lee for 2nd (most likely because Lee was sitting in the shade while I was running around telling people to vote for me!! 8^) But I have a full-body sunburn and Lee's probably sitting at home quite comfortably not covered in aloe!!)

By Ken Montgomery:

Being close to half way between Sacramento and the bay areas, the fairgrounds in Dixon make an excellent location to hold a car show. The United British Sports Car Club was kind enough to allow us to attend their event and even gave us our own 'class' for the People's Choice awards. Over 200 cars were on display and the crowds were large. We got our share of people asking the usual questions; "Doesn't that thing have a Ford/Chevy engine in it?". "Isn't he still in jail?". "Do ya clean it with a steel wool pad?" I won't go on. You've heard them all before..

That's my car in the foreground. Next to it is Dave's, and then Lee's.
This is Lee's car.
Dave had so much trouble with his tail lights, he decided to make his own.
This shot shows Lee's '5-point harness' seat belt system.
As the sun got higher in the sky, we retreated back into the shade.
This is Lee receiving his 3rd place prize.
Dave took home 2nd. I think he edged out Lee because Dave had a 'flux-capacitor' blinking between the seats. I got first. That may have been due to my 'OUTTIME' license plates. After all, this was just a 'People's Choice' award.
Lee: Third huh! I'm outta here!