2000 Club Meets

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The DOA Expo in Las Vegas

November, 2000

Despite wide enthusiasm, only 2 cars caravaned to the DeLorean Owners Association Las Vegas Expo. Ken Montgomery, James Cooper and his wife made the 600 mile trip from Northern California. It took 2 stops for gas and a couple of stops for the drivers to make the journey. We arrived in time to participate in the opening event on Thursday night. On Friday we caravaned with the group to Lake Mede for a boat ride out to Hoover Dam. Saturday James went on the Pahrump Valley tour while Ken stayed behind to tend to a leaking cooling hose. Sunday James and his wife returned alone while Ken stayed to attend COMDEX.

September 24, 2000 gathering

p9-24-00.jpg (33323 bytes) 6 owners and their passengers and 5 cars were able to come to brunch at H's Lordships at the Berkeley Marina. They have the most amazing brunch I have ever seen (and sampled)! Thanks Lee for arranging our day.

Everyone had other commitments for the afternoon so we didn't make it to the Chabot so We'll plan a special event around this amazing place in the future!

Club BBQ

August 13, 2000

bbq_00-1.jpg (80642 bytes) We gathered on a very warm August day for a barbecue and pool party at the home of Gary Valenziano and his family. In these 3 pictures you can see the 7 cars we had that day (Gary's car is inside the garage, just visible in the first picture. Behind it is Ken's car. Next to Ken's is Sandy's.>
bbq_00-2.jpg (37634 bytes) Seen here are Rex's, Richard's, Lee's and Dean's cars
bbq_00-3.jpg (196235 bytes) Same cars, different angle. We virtually brought the neighborhood to a halt with so many DeLoreans parked on Gary's street.
bbq_00-4.jpg (102304 bytes) Just to show that NCDMC gatherings are such a great event, here's Hank and Mimi Breer up from Southern California.
bbq_00-5.jpg (88593 bytes) Here's Sandy, his wife Cheryl and their little girl Hallie. Gary's wife explains the finer points of assembling a Mr. Potato head.
bbq_00-6.jpg (90289 bytes) >Gary is the proud new owner of a 400 pound bouncing baby DeLorean dealer sign.


Dixon Car Show

Our second event in 2000 was the Dixon All-British car show on May 21. 4 DeLoreans attended and we really baked. The temp was in the mid 90's and the humidity was high for our area.

P000662.JPG (102775 bytes) 3 of the 4 cars can be seen lined up in these 2 photos. The forth was on the other side and I didn't get a clear angle to catch all 4 together.

P000665.JPG (128672 bytes)

P000668.JPG (132886 bytes) Mary and Gary Gunderson brought not only their DeLorean but also this beautiful example of a 1953 Jaguar.

 P000678.JPG (108118 bytes) Here's Rex Little winning 2nd place for his DeLorean.

P000679.JPG (123648 bytes) This is Gary winning 1st place... for his Jag. I won 1st place for the DeLoreans 8^).

Our first gathering of the year 2000 was held at the El Torito restaurant in Concord on April 30th.

Despite the 2 interlopers, we had 7 cars for our brunch>

Torito4-00-01.jpg (57841 bytes)
Torito4-00-02.jpg (164727 bytes)

Here's 5 of the 7 cars lined up and ready to show off their stuff. (click to see a larger image)

Some of the members gathered around Gary's car to have a look at his voice-commanded GPS/Stereo system. Pictured are Gary, Bill, Richard, Lee, Rex and Ed.

Torito4-00-03.jpg (148938 bytes)It was really great to see everyone who came. I wish I would have had time to talk to everyone more. It was a good start to the season. Everyone was upbeat and looking forward to future events. Thanks again!  Ken

Thanks for looking at our photos. We hope you can make it to one of our gatherings!