2002 Club Meets

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November 2002

On November 3, 3 of our cars and 4 members plus guests joined the Tierra Del Oro Pantera club for brunch at the Grand Island Mansion. The Pantera group also had only 3 cars. This was the smallest gathering for each of our clubs to date, even though we both had planned for upwards of 10-12 cars each. Was it the unfamiliar back roads that kept everyone away? Some people did get lost. To those of you who missed it, it was a really class place with some really great meals. Both clubs have pledged to try another event together in the future.

To see the Grand Island Mansion, go to: http://www.grandislandmansion.com



On the 27th, a number of our members met for brunch at H's Lordships at the Berkeley Marina. The brunch at H's Lordships is incredible. Conversations centered around the usual subjects, mostly about our service situation. The more of us that drive our cars the more we need competent service. So far, we're barely holding on. Perhaps together we will find a solution.

4 of us arrived extra early to block off some spaces in the otherwise very buy parking lot. Richard K with his Mustang and I, (Ken) with my Subaru SVX held some extra spaces.

(What?? The President doesn't show up in his DeLorean? I had another event in the Bay Area and couldn't bring the 'D'.

Richard Lew has enhanced the visibility of his car by adding a double LED 3rd brake light in the rear..
And double amber LED lights on the front. It may seem strange, but here in N. Cal. everyone drives HUGE SUV's and we have a heck of a time being seen. Collisions are a big problem for us.
We weren't able to park all the cars together, so we pulled 2 more up in front after the brunch.
And one last picture, after 1 of our group left.



The 2002 Tahoe Run September 7/8

Our first run to South Lake Tahoe and Reno worked out very well. Everyone had a great time, there was lots to see and we drew a crowd everywhere we went.

Many of the owners started by meeting in the Bay Area and made the drive up to Jackson, where I, John Worsley (the Bricklin owner), and Richard Slaten of Elk Grove were waiting. We had lunch at Jose's and I handed out maps for the next leg of our journey
Offroading with a DeLorean! Unfortunately, the long drive back into Black Chasm caverns was not paved. Our cars were a mess in no time. The design of a DeLorean makes things worse because the cooling fans blow DOWN, causing each car to be its own dust storm.
But once inside, it was cool and really cool! (get your head out of the shot John!)
Towering columns were around every turn. The main chasm is over 170 feet deep and drops into a blue-green pool that's even deeper.
Curtains of stalactites made for interesting photos. Remember, stalactites ('C' for ceiling) hang from the ceiling. Stalagmites ('G' for ground) come up from the floor. There's your science lesson for the day.
The walls in the second chamber were covered by formations that looked like coral or branches coming out of the rocks at all angles.
The effect is caused by the calcite fizzing out of the rocks like steam, forming these long twisted tubes that looked like twisted fingers.
Here's a few of the cars at our arrival to the hotel in South Lake Tahoe. Jeff's little brown car can be seen here. His DeLorean is down at the DeLorean Motor Center getting a new frame and a fancy engine makeover.
A few of us paid a visit to Ray Petragallo, a local DeLorean owner. Plus we got to play with his black Ferrari Testarosa. It purred very nicely. The speedo goes to 200 Mph.
Even with all that power and cost, the DeLorean still has a better fit and finish, but none of us would turn the Ferrari down, given the chance.. Thanks Ray for the tour!

The view from the hotel.

Richard and Belle had to leave for a family matter and John and his Bricklin headed home Saturday night, so our numbers were reduced a bit for the trip to Reno.

This picture has it all. Note that the sign says 'Bikes in Tunnel', and sure enough, there's a bike, and a DeLorean up ahead, and a foolhardy driver taking a picture while driving.
We found a good photo op spot on Baxter Grade on out trip to Reno.
So we stopped,- and started drawing a crowd.
So we asked an onlooker to take some photos of us. OK, who's the wise guy?
We had the person take photos with several cameras.
And who do we run into.. It's John DeLorean himself! No, not actually, it's Art Shipley, a DeLorean owner from Nevada posing here with James. Some of us met Art a couple years ago at the DOA Expo in Las Vegas. This day he was driving his Porsche 944. If you'd like to see a photo of Art's little stable cars, click here.
Parked out along side the National Automobile Museum in Reno.
And here it is, the gold DeLorean.
The VIN# is 4300.

Some of the gang posed for a shot with the car. Jeff took this shot.

It was a great weekend! Let do it again in the Future!



'You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant.'

Alice's Restaurant, Way up on Skyline Blvd. was our August 11 club meet destination. Alice's (not the one Arlo Guthrie made famous) is high in the hills between the coast and South San Francisco Bay. It's a popular meeting place for motorcycle groups and others with a 'need for speed'. The road is both winding and fast - a perfect course for both high speed bikes and DeLoreans. It's the kind of road where our cars really shine. I found that the car could handle the road better than my abilities as I tried to keep up with a band of kamikaze motorcycles who were taking the turns so fast that their knees were scraping the ground in the corners. - Exciting!

At the lunch we talked about the Tahoe/Reno weekender on the 7/8 of September and went over the details for the Tech weekend with Don Steger Sept. 28/29.

Photos of some of the group People came and went during lunch.
Darn, what's that 'hot start' fix trick. Alice's..
If it's on wheels, they're welcome. Lining up for the caravan to the coast.

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Club BBQ, July 14, 2002

10 cars and 11 owners plus a few spouses attended the club BBQ.

A few photos of the cars. A few more came later and didn't make it into theses photos.

Gary's son couldn't resist the chance to hold his own car sale while we were out back having our meeting.

At last, down to business!

And in a very belated ceremony, Gary receives his 3rd place award for our 2001 Car Show.

Gary's Dealers sign in his garage.

Sandy's car was down at DeLorean One getting the On$$e over so he brought his 'American' car.

The United British Sports Car Club of Sacramento All British Motorcar Show and Swap Meet.

May 19th, 2002.

From Ken Montgomery, President, NCDMC.

My local British Car Club hosts one of the largest all-British car shows on the area. Our own Richard Lew took first place in class last year and he was featured in the new 'Winners Circle' at the show. This year, I took first in our class, but it was only me and John Forscutt that brought our DeLoreans.

This year we had a little trouble with the rain. It looked OK in the morning and it wasn't supposed to rain but by mid-day it started coming down in buckets. I was really unhappy because I've got a major leak in the vent system and my passenger side footwell and the blower assembly were flooded with water. This is something I've not been able to fix. Otherwise, it was a good start to the day. There were over 200 cars (until it started to rain) so the UBSCC did OK.

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Richard and John pose for a picture These are the winners from last year in the 'Winners Circle' A couple of original Mini Coopers and one of the new Minis

Lots of bugeye Sprites One of many Jags

More Mini pics A 1980 Lotus Esprit and a 2000 Esprit Richard fell asleep in his car and didn't notice it had started to rain! Crowding under the tents in the downpour during the raffle (I won an umbrella! Very handy!)

Many of us moved our cars out of the field to keep from being stuck in the mud And the winners are...

April 21, 2002:

Brunch at El Torito Restaurant in Concord.

This was our warm-up for the 2002 season, where we discuss future events.

Thanks for looking at our photos. We hope you can make it to one of our gatherings!