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Nov. 9 - November Delta Brunch Run at the Ryde Hotel.

Only myself and Rex Little and his wife came for our group. This was a joint meet with the Panetra club. There was a small turnout on the Pantera side so it was still enough folk to make it worthwhile. I drove my SVX and Rex brought his daily driver too, making this the first DeLorean meet with no DeLoreans. But that was OK, it was grey and it rained a lot. We'll do better next year.. I'm sure of it.

The location was the Ryde Hotel, in Ryde, California. This is a really nice place to go for brunch. Check it out!

Dixon 2003 Annual All British Motorcar Show - Sunday, May 18, 2003

You never know what your going to get for weather in Dixon. Last year it rained, this year it was high winds. We had to keep our doors closed in the early hours for fear they'd cause too much lift and the cars would fly away with the wind 8^).
There were 4 Deloreans at the car show: me, Alex Fortenberry, Nathan Milakovich, and Bob Forscutt. I was in the 'Winners Circle' this year (last year's winners in-class) and was parked away from the other 3, but that allowed all 3 other cars to get awards. In 3rd place was Nathan, 2nd was Alex and the first place trophy went to Bob. There were over 250 British cars on display and many of them were fantastic. There were a number of unusual cars none of us had ever heard of before plus several goofy cars painted in really bad colours or with strange accessories.
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Our first Tech Weekend was March 29th, 2003


Saturday, February 1, 2003

This was a tragic day for the country. This was the day the space shuttle Columbia failed to complete its return to earth. Our hearts go out to all were touched by the tragic loss of the seven astronauts. They gave their lives for the betterment of all mankind.

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