Midnight showing of Back to the Future
Friday, October 15.

Camera Cinemas in cooperation with The Wave and 103.3 KSCU screened Back to the Future at midnight on Friday October 15th at the Camera 7 at the Pruneyard in San Jose (See this link for the theater)

Story by Jeff Angwin:

October 15th was a big day... er- night for the NCDMC, as the Camera Theater chain, in conjunction with KSCU radio put on a midnight showing of Back to the Future! It had been years since any of the members had seen BTTF on the big screen, so this was an event not to be missed. And, thanks to the herculean efforts by Sean and Ryan, who double teamed the theater and the radio station, for scoring primo parking right in front of the theater, and free passes for all! And, yes, Mall Security did their best to thwart their efforts for parking, but Team Sean&Ryan persevered and acquired 10 spots, cordoned off for us all!

In all, we had 7 Deloreans in attendance (and one scale BTTF model - taking up an 8th parking space) We met beforehand at the Outback restaurant, just across the lot from the Camera Theater for food, drinks and socializing, and then spent the requisite hour before the movie with the cars, checking out each other's latest upgrades, and, of course, showing off the Delorean to interested passers-by. Ken had printed up an NCDMC banner, and had a handful of brochures to had out to those who wanted more info.

At T-minus-15 minutes we took our passes and filed into the theater. Before the movie could start however it was Trivia Question Time! And the subject was... what else: BTTF. Oh those poor folks NOT with the NCDMC... they didn't stand a chance. Two prizes were offered by the theater/radio station... both won by club members: Ken, and Christian. Pretty good record for the club - but come-on... no one knew the price of a gallon of gas in 1955? (it's in the movie!)

And then... On with the show!