Past Club Meets

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2006 Club Meets

Our coming events can be found on the Events page.

November 19 Meet

Since plans for earlier in the season were hampered by rain, we snuck in a last minute gathering for lunch in Pleasanton. With 7 cars we drew quite a crowd!

Watch this page for more photos and a more detailed description of what was covered in our discussions.

photos by Ken, Steve and Jeff.

August 13th Coast & Mountain Run

Report by Jeff Angwin. Photos by Jeff Angwin and Ken Montgomery.

We met at the appointed place, a scenic overlook, on Highway 280 just south of Highway 92. Two new people joined us, Nick Mavrakis, who bough a Delorean just a month ago, and Rob Dietsch, of Dietsch Werks, with his rather new Porsche. Nick's Delorean unfortunately is at Rob's shop for some much needed work, so we did not get to see it (just yet...) Nick, who is a brand new father this week, had more pressing issues to attend to, so he couldn't join us for the day's drive, but we all were very happy to meet him. So the lineup was Jeff, Heath, Ken, Rob, and Ryan, in his Infiniti (as the D is still in Arizona)

From 280 we caught 92 and took it to Half Moon Bay where we briefly stopped for gas and coffee. Then off we drove on Hwy 1, South to Pescadero Beach. Unfortunately we all got stuck behind a very slow bus. Oh well, the better to see the amazing scenery... green fields to the left, and ocean to the right.We stopped for a bit at Pescadero (although it was pretty darned cold, as the fog had not burned off just yet) for photo ops and a brief talk with some locals who were wondering why there were three Deloreans at this one place. Could it be that it was a club event??? YES! So off we went, this time heading East up the mountain. We drove a fantastic two lane winding road through redwoods, for a bit, finally reaching the famed Alice's Restaurant, favorite haunt of bikers out for a Sunday drive. As we too were out for a Sunday drive, we decided to join them for lunch on the back porch. Fortunately, the sun was friendly to us, and it was warm, no, downright hot! We spent a good few hours over burgers and sandwiches swapping stories and telling Rob how happy, no, ecstatic we all are that he does such great work on our Deloreans, and that he is opening up a new, larger shop. And with that, Rob invited us to see his new, larger shop. Of course we all said yes!

So we headed South on Hwy 35, then East on Hwy 9, down off the mountain and into the South Bay Area... Then, across town and to the New Dietsch Werks, in Santa Clara. What an amazing space. Tons of room for multiple lifts, Customer lounge, and indoor parking/storage. Couple that with Rob's knowledge of the Volvo PRV6, our electrics and running gear, and his interest in all things Delorean, and, well, Rob - I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

May Brunch meet

Meeting minutes by Jeff Angwin:

The NCDMC finally kicked off the 2006 season with a club meet at El Torito Restaurant in Concord, CA. As we saw much rain throughout all of March and April, this was the first dry opportunity that we had for a get together.

Present were Ken, Doug, Kerry, Jeff, Ryan and Gary, and four of our Deloreans.

Over breakfast we discussed pressing issues of the day...Ken is in the process of having embroidered NCDMC shirts made up for sale to members, and with any luck will have them ready before the Pheasant Run DeLorean Car Show in Chicago in June. Ken, Ryan and Jeff have committed to attend. We may very well see other folks who have joined the NCDMC (and who may not have attended any local club events)

Membership in the club is good, but attendance at local club events does not reflect it. So we discussed how we might encourage more participation. One way is to take a queue from the Arizona DeLorean Club, and foster good, local mechanics, encouraging them with our knowledge, support and dollars to learn more about our cars. When we have local mechanics that we trust and can endorse, then we hope that those who's DeLoreans are sitting unused and not working will be motivated to get them road worthy again. Doug and Jeff have found one excellent mechanic in Rob Dietsch at Dietsch Werks in Sunnyvale. Gary has offered to donate one of his DeLorean Service Manuals to Rob, and we plan on trying to involve Rob in future club events. Our hope is that Rob will get to be known as the local DeLorean service shop, and will help to ferret out more interested members and/or help to keep more DeLoreans road worthy so that we all can enjoy more driving events with the club.

We discussed possible club events for the season. Ken is entering his two DeLoreans in the upcoming Dixon car show (and car number two is coming along nicely in his restoration project) and Jeff is planning on showing his D at the Palo Alto Concours event in June. Ryan mentioned that he had recently driven a great route along highways 1 and 84, and Jeff suggested that he try the 1 - Pescadero Road - Hwy 35 route instead. It was agreed that Jeff would put together a club event to further explore and enjoy that drive. (stay tuned for details) Other events for the season are a trip to the Rosicrusian Museum in San Jose, and the Chabot Space and Science Center.

After eating, we adjourned to the parking lot for informal discussions and show and tell.

Thanks for reading about our events and looking at our photos. We hope you can make it to one of our gatherings in the future!