Past Club Meets

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Door Adjustment day - December 4th 2010

Cameron Park Show and shine and Fly-in

October 9, 2010

Charlie Hall Stephen Ivy Ken Montgomery David Seabury

EuroSunday Sacramento - April 2010

EuroSunday - California Auto Museum

February 28, 2010

EuroSunday is a monthly event that started in Sacramento and is now held held in cities around the country. On this day the event took place at the California Auto Museum. 6 cars from the event were featured inside the museum and my DeLorean was one of them. I have no idea why, but I felt honored to be treated to a warm place to showcase my car and to have so many admirers! Here are a bunch of photos from the event. The museum displays one of the largest collections of electric vehicles anywhere including the super rare EV-1, few of which survived being crushed by General Motors. The last two shots are of car club logos for two other clubs I belong to: Capitol Panteras and United British.