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Impromptu Door Adjustment Day - November 5th

The day went well. Doug started things off. As soon as he got here we did his car and then mine. His went down a spline or two, my driver door went up one. Later Jeff came over with his buddy, George. Ursula and Mark paid a visit in their 911 - we left those doors alone. The torsion on Jeff's drivers door got tested at a tighter setting, then I think we settled it back where it had been, checked the struts.

None of the cars gave us difficulty with jammed torsion bar brackets. We were down to 5-minute adjustment cycles after the finisher panels were off.

Did an all-around check to be sure nobody had an unprotected torsion bar rubbing against the rear door hinge. Jeff showed us his latest D. console clock replacement prototype.

6 doors checked and/or adjusted, not too much blood was drawn by our T-panel edges and all 3 rear windows were undamaged. Good times.

Thanks to all who made it by - Kathy and I enjoyed your company. -Rich W

Hillsborough Concours 2011 - August 28th

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BTTF showing at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - August 10th

Cops N' Rodders 9-3

Cars and Coffee Sat July 16 Club Auto Sport San Jose CA - July 19th

Bay Area EuroSunday - July 3rd

Wheeler Dealer Shoot - April 2011
by Josh

I just wanted everyone to know that this past Sunday me and my friend Chris, the guy that I'm buying a DeLorean from, filmed the driving shots for the Discovery UK show Wheeler Dealer for the pristine car sequence.  We did the shoot on Power Line Road right next to the Sacramento Airport.  We were fortunate enough to meet the director, camera man and the guy that normally drives the pristine cars.  Since they didn't have someone to drive the the camera truck, the pristine car driver asked us if we could drive the car.  Chris did all of the up close shots next to the truck, and I drove the DeLorean by during all of the fixed camera shots when they were set up on the side of the road.  We were able to review the footage and it looked phenomenal!  The episode is scheduled to come out sometime in Fall.  Here's some pictures:

See the episodes here:

March 6th Bay Area EuroSunday

Kathy and I attended yesterday in light rain.
Mark W. was there, looking good in his GTI. He's standing behind the black 911 next to our D.
After lunch the E'Sunday drive took us to the nearby Military Vehicle collection up the hill. Well worth the visit to see a one-of-a-kind collection in an informative 2hr docent-guided tour -

-Rich W.