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2001 Club Meets

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See a wrapup of our big 2001 Gullwing show!

May 2, 2001:

2 of our members attended the 2001 Dixon All-British car show on May 20. Our club has been part of this event for the last 2 years. Photos will follow when I get them scanned.

April 22 2001:

6 DeLoreans and their owners made the drive to Sacramento to tour the Towe Auto Museum and have lunch in Old Sacramento. The Towe is not your typical auto museum with fancy cars and polished floors. The Towe is more like a old garage with displays of autoshop dioramas, engine parts, farm equipment, and LOTS of cars in less-than-perfect condition. That's the charm of the Towe. The cars are in a REAL state of condition, not show car polished. Some of them are even for sale. Out group tended to get ahead of the docents and we concentrate our time on areas we found most interesting.

Our group then went up to Old Sacramento for lunch at the Rio city Cafe. 'Old Sac' is one of the toughest places to take a car, let alone a group of exotic ones. When I was first trying to set up this event I was trying for the area outside of the train museum know as the '1849 scene', but the museum was impossible to work with. However, I was able to arrange parking with the Firehouse parking lot (the Firehouse is the fanciest place in Old Sac. It isn't open on Sunday mornings). Since the Rio City Cafe was located nearby, that's where we chose.



March 2001:

We had our first gathering of the year on Sunday, March 11 at the El Torito restaurant in Concord. Along with a large group of attendees, we had 10 cars on display in front of the El Torito restaurant. Rex has the meeting minutes posted below:

Minutes of the Northern California Delorean Motor Club:

The inaugural meeting of the NCDMC met in Concord, California at the El Torito restaurant on March 11, 2001 at 9:00am. We had 14 members and guests present and 10 Deloreans. It was sure nice to see all ten of the spaces in front of the restaurant filled with a Delorean and not some brand X sneaking in among them as sometimes happens. Meeting was called to order immediately after brunch, with Ken Montgomery acting as chairman. After some discussion it was decided to form a club officially. Officers were elected, Ken Montgomery was elected our first President, Lee Seiler Vice-president, Sandy Bigman, Treasurer and Rex Little, Secretary because he was the only one with a tablet to take notes on.

The first item of business was the joint meet with Bricklin on September 20, 2001 at the Marriot Hotel in San Ramon. Much discussion and planning was then done with these conclusions. We will visit a local winery in Napa, a banquet will be held on Friday night in the Black Hawk Museum. The meet will be set up like the one in Las Vegas, we will do a tech sessions, and have product dealer booths. Awards for most miles driven to meet, etc. will be given trophies etc. Judges will be needed. Lee asked about having John Z. himself coming to speak to us. Ken said the cost is to prohibative for us right now. We would leave at 9:00am in a caravan for a wine tour, map to be supplied. Ken will get rooms secured and e-mail us when to begin getting our reservations in, he suggests to do so as soon as possible.

Respectfully submitted


Secretary NCDMC

More about our BIG show: Everything is going along well with planning for our show. We're talking to several groups for help and sponsorships, but we need all of you to help. If you're able to stay at the hotel for the show, please make your reservations now. This will allow us to step up the reserve number and get a better bargaining position for the convention rooms, which in turn will allow us to lower the prices for the event. You'll need to mention the DeLorean/Bricklin car show to get the reserve price of $74 a night.

We also need to find sponsors and contributions for the raffles and attendee packets. We're also going to need a source of cheap printing, t-shirts, cloisonné pins, and the other usual things that make up an event. We will include the sponsors on all our event advertising and publications.

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Thanks for looking at our photos. We hope you can make it to one of our gatherings!