Past Club Meets

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2004 Meets

Midnight showing of Back to the Future
Friday, October 15.

Camera Cinemas in cooperation with The Wave and 103.3 KSCU screened Back to the Future at midnight on Friday October 15th at the Camera 7 at the Pruneyard in San Jose. Our group attended this special showing. Click on the title above to read a report and see photos from the meet.

California Classic Autofest
July 24 & 25, 2004
California Speedway, Fontana, CA

Photos from our group met in July to see the video of the Pigeon Forge DeLorean Car Show. We had 4 cars and 7 owners for our meet at Premier Pizza - Rivermark plaza in Santa Clara:

Jeff, Ryan and Ken Go to the DeLorean Car show in Pigeon Forge. See the photos here.

Pacific Coast Dream Machines - April 25, 2004
Half Moon Bay Airport, California

The Dream Machines show is like no other in Northern California. Nowhere will you see a wider range of machines. From single piston farm equipment to Jet fighters and Army jeeps to half million dollar exotic sports cars. The two dominating themes this year were the heat and the traffic. This show has some 2000 plus machines IN the show and perhaps 5000 plus more visitors just coming to see them. I got there early and was placed in the far back area. I was able to set up a nice row along one side of the field for our other cars, but I was soon blocked in and there was no way to get their other cars down to my location or for me to move up to the entrance where the other 4 owners had been placed. The weather was also highly unusual. This section of the coast is best known for being gray and foggy, but the sky was clear and there was no wind, causing temperatures to shoot into the high 80's. Since we were at an airport there were no trees, giving us no place to hide from the sun. Our difficulties were understandable since this was the first time we all had attended this show. On the whole, this was a good show for us. We talked to tons of people and handed out almost all our fliers about the cars and the club. We must have talked to over a dozen 'owners' that didn't know about us or the resources that we provide. We hope to hear from many of them soon. Here is a sampling of photos from around the show:


El Torito Brunch in Concord

On Sunday March 21st we met for brunch at the El Torito restaurant in Concord. It was a great brunch to see and talk with those attending. We're all excited to get this year rolling and we resolved to have at least one club event every month throughout the year. Here are a couple pictures of us and our cars from the brunch:


Thanks for looking at our photos. We hope you can make it to one of our gatherings!